How would you like to help the environment by getting more homes to use renewable solar energy, and earning $1,000 for every deal that closes? The first thing to know is, you aren’t trying to sell solar, just helping people sit with a solar consultant.

Talking to people about solar is really easy these days. The truth is, a casual conversation about the weather can turn into a discussion about solar and renewable energy. The most common question or objection is about the cost. For homeowners who qualify for zero-down programs, solar can be cheaper than their electricity bill.

Powur is a financially secure, experienced, fully certified B-corporation and Inc 5000 fastest growing solar company. It is the first company to offset 100% of the emissions from the solar manufacturing process. Powur also donates money from each installation to preserve millions of acres of Amazon rain forest.

As a Powur Ambassador, you can offer to connect people with your solar representative and explain that they have helped other clients learn more about solar and can make sure they get a good deal and get their energy savings questions answered.

In this blog post, we’ll explain just how easy it is to become a Powur Ambassador. All you’ll need is your affiliate link, a utility bill, and some basic contact information to begin earning with Powur.

Becoming a Powur Ambassador

All you need to get started earning money with Powur’s free solar ambassador program is to sign up for your affiliate link and access your dashboard.

  1. Click the link to view the signup page.
  2. Click Free Sign Up.
  3. Fill out the first name, last name, email, and phone number.
  4. Click Join.
  5. Check your email for confirmation.
  6. Click the link in the email to complete registering.
  7. Once confirmed, you will unlock your dashboard. On your dashboard, you can view referrals and what stage they are in.

Welcome aboard!

How to submit a utility bill

You get paid by the number of utility bills you enter into the system.

  1. Share your unique link with others, copying and pasting the link itself or using Facebook or Twitter marketing tools.
  2. Once you’ve had a conversation with someone, you can submit their utility bill for them or share your link with them so they can submit it themselves. (Follow up to make sure.)

Make sure the information is filled out completely or it might not show if they qualify for a solar deal.

How to receive payments

Once you’ve submitted a utility bill or two, you’ll want to make sure you are set up to get paid. This is also done on your dashboard.

You’re all set!

How to earn more as a Powur Consultant

Click on the profile icon in your dashboard to upgrade to become a consultant and earn a larger commission.

That’s it for today on the hot topic of solar energy and helping the environment and others, and yourself through your commissions! If you have additional questions, contact the consultant who referred you.

Looking forward to seeing your success in Powur!

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