How to Sell Solar

It’s been a common question is that, How to Sell Solar.  More and more households are deciding to power their homes using clean and renewable energy sources – the most popular among them being solar. The sun has a virtually limitless amount of energy at our disposal, we just need a solar system to harness and distribute it across our homes and properties.

Some homeowners like that they can significantly reduce their annual energy costs, while others are environmentally conscious and want to do their part in helping the planet combat global warming. Many want both and that’s exactly what solar energy already delivers to millions of households across America today.

Selling solar power for home use is getting easier to do in many situations as people continually learn about the benefits from actual customer’s experiences, by doing their own research, through news outlets and social media platforms, and elsewhere. If you have a passion for selling and solar then you may have had thoughts about how to get into the renewable energy industry. Below outlines what you can include in your solar sales strategy to ensure successful results, whether that’s with Powur or another company.

Understand What Each Prospect Wants from Solar

Every potential solar client is going to have his, her, or their motivations for wanting to buy a product. Each selling situation will be a little bit different, so you first have to listen to what your prospects expect to get out of their solar experience. By listening to what problems need to be solved and what pain points your potential customers are looking to address, you can match up appropriate solutions to create win-win scenarios.

Have a Deep Understanding of Each Product and Their Benefits

 Just like selling any other product, you need to have a solid depth of knowledge as it pertains to solar system products and each of their benefits. By becoming a guru on everything solar you will feel confident before going into every meeting with potential clients.

Focus on these benefits and advantages of solar:

  • Most solar systems pay for themselves in 7-10 years, after that the energy generated

  • Save money by reducing or even eliminating utility bill payments altogether

  • A healthy return on investment begins almost immediately

  • Being able to gain more independence from utility companies

  • Any excess energy produced from a solar system can be either sold back to utility companies or you can gain credit from them

  • Property value is increased as solar systems are valuable assets

  • There are lucrative federal, state, and local tax credits available for installing solar systems

  • Maintenance from year to year is minimal or even nothing and product performance remains high for decades

  • Your home’s carbon footprint is drastically reduced which directly benefits our planet’s future

By effectively communicating to prospects that you understand the products you are selling while articulating benefits they can enjoy as homeowners, you will quickly gain trust which is critically important to make sales. When you know your solar stuff inside and out you can also answer any questions or handle any objections that may arise during your meetings, and convert your curious prospects into happy clients.

Provide Accurate Quotes

 After you have sold your prospects on the value of a solar system, the next step is to discuss how much a product will cost them, specifically. You will need to gather key information including but not limited to:

  • How much they currently spend on electricity every year

  • How much of their roof’s square footage can be used for installing solar panels

  • Which direction their house faces – south and/or west are ideal

  • How much roof shading currently exists from trees, neighboring houses, and other tall objects

Once you have some pertinent information to draw from you should be able to provide a fairly accurate quote in a timely fashion depending on the size of the solar system needed. Once a prospect understands the initial investment required, how much they can save per year, and how quickly the solar system will pay for itself, they will be able to make an informed and educated decision.

Become an Open Line of Support

Become an Open Line of Support

Selling solar is all about timing as well. Maybe your prospects like what they are hearing but just need some more time to sit on making a final decision. You can show prospects tons of benefits for getting solar, but ultimately they will decide to buy by trusting their gut. Don’t pressure anyone to buy on your sales goal schedule, let them decide when the time is right for them. Keep an open line of communication open so they can call, email, or text you whenever they have a question – build a trustworthy relationship over time. The sales cycle can be long with solar related products, so be patient and be a trusted advisor throughout the process.

You can also provide incentives as time goes on to encourage prospects to finalize their purchasing decision. You may have to take a bit of a financial hit out of your commission, but if it speeds up sales and nets you more, then it’s more than worth it overall. Be sure to also provide references and testimonials should your prospects want to hear about first-hand experiences from your current clients. Anything you can do to make your prospects feel good about yourself as a sales consultant and what you are trying to sell them will go a long way, and in the end, will result in more business for you.

Putting This Knowledge into Practice

Integrating the above components into your solar sales approach will help to improve not only your numbers but your experience with dealing with prospects too. You genuinely have to want to help people with the products you have available to sell, and you want your customers to be happy for decades to come so they refer you to their family, friends, and colleagues when they too want their own solar system solution for their homes.

Powur has built a platform where solar sales consultants can utilize an abundance of content and resources to sell solar products like true professionals. You can learn more about joining Powur and discover how being part of our organization can generate financial income.

If you are already interested in selling solar systems, or if you want to do more research before you can make this life-changing decision to become a solar sales representative, then be sure to connect with Powur – we would love to hear your story!

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