In the past decade homes and businesses have begun to utilize what is perhaps the greatest resource we have: solar energy. Solar energy as an industry continues to experience exponential growth.

There has never been a bigger opportunity to join the solar industry. This article covers the benefits of becoming a solar energy consultant through Powur.

Is Solar Powur Consulting for You?

Are you looking for a full-time opportunity and income or something more part-time? Powur offers flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule. Work/life balance is important to Powur and this shows in the platform and culture.

Powur is the first virtual solar energy company, allowing you to work anywhere in the world and set your own schedule. In addition to the freedom to create your own work environment, Powur provides you with the support for successful business development.

Sound good so far? You’re probably wondering what the financial possibilities and benefits are as a solar energy consultant with Powur so you can determine whether it’s a fit for your goals.

Working with Powur

  • Income Potential: Our top consultants make upwards of $80,000 a month! It is possible to earn a six-figure income with Powur, making your financial goals a reality.

  • Powurful Platform: Powur empowers you by providing a platform to effectively bring new customers on board. You retain the majority of net revenue.

  • Economical: Due to the cost of goods decreasing, a significant percentage of those savings are passed on to you and your clients.

  • Equity Partnership: Powur provides an opportunity to earn equity in the organization. This is an industry-first program that allows you to become a partner in a leading global clean energy company.

  • Residual Revenue: In addition, we have a revenue share plan in place whereby valued consultants can earn extra revenue on top of the sales commission by referring new solar energy consultants to us. Powur makes it possible to use their platform to build a network and watch your earnings increase over time.

  • Industry Disruption: Powur is a leading-edge clean energy company that has created an opportunity utilizing solar energy and a powerful platform to disrupt a six trillion dollar-a-year industry while benefitting the world by facilitating renewable energy usage.

  • Ground Floor Opportunity: At the time of this blog only 2% of America leverages solar energy. This leaves 98% open for you to grow your solar energy consultancy business.

Join the solar energy industry today and create a lifestyle business that is part of the greater initiative to be more energy conscious and utilize solar energy residentially and commercially.

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