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Solar energy is often praised for its environmental friendliness and for how much money customers who use it can save. Rebates and other incentives make solar energy more financially appealing. Researching who offers these rebates can be the key to finding the best deals on solar.

Homeowners and commercial building owners who opt to use solar energy on their property often qualify for financial incentives. The Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is a government-backed program for those who opt into this technology. It’s important to note that tax credits aren’t exactly rebates, and they’re different from tax deductions. A deduction is part of the calculation of what your income is, while a tax credit is a subtraction from your total tax liability. In general, tax credits are more favourable than a deduction because they reduce what you owe rather than limiting the amount used to calculate your taxes. In many cases, the tax credit could result in a bigger tax return for those who tend to get returns, which is different from a rebate.

Those who embrace solar energy can also potentially receive other financial incentives. State and local governments, including county or city governments, often offer their own incentives. These incentives are sometimes tied to your area’s political leanings. For some people, federal incentives might be all that is available.

It’s easy to find financial incentives for solar energy. The first place to check for incentives is local solar energy companies. They may have resources for helping you take advantage of incentives. You can also perform searches on the Energy Star website or through other websites and publications.

Tax policy, including any policies having to do with the benefits of eco-friendly energy, may be subject to change due to shifts in political forces. This can be true at all levels of government. You will want to stay updated on government policies to make sure you have accurate information about what rebates and credits you’re eligible for.

Rebates and other incentives are just a couple of ways that you can save money by using solar energy. Switching to solar can also be a long-term money saver due to lower energy bills.


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