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From warmth to power, the vast amount of solar energy generated by the sun on a daily basis is a renewable energy source that has served us well since the dawn of time. Solar energy has gotten more affordable in recent years making it a viable option for homeowners and business owners which makes it a GREAT time to sell, AND it’s not even close to hitting its peak.

This means there has never been a better time to get into the solar industry as a solar energy consultant!

You can join Powur’s movement to liberate the planet from fossil fuel dependency and get well compensated with both active and residual income. If this sounds like you, read on…

Solar Power Benefits

Whether you want to do part-time solar sales or go full-time as a solar energy consultant, it helps to review the benefits of solar energy.

Basically, solar energy becomes usable when the electromagnetic radiation of the sun’s rays is absorbed by solar panels. Solar panels have solar cells which react with the sun’s rays to produce electricity. This electricity is then used to power homes and businesses.

Next, most importantly, solar energy benefits both the environment and the wallet for property owners. The long-term savings easily outbalance any financing which can be offset through the right solar program.

If you like the freedom to work whenever you want and set your own hours while helping reduce the use of fossil fuels, Powur is the world’s first virtual solar energy company empowering you to do just that. Join now!

Powur also provides mentors, a platform to manage your sales, and support infrastructure for successful business development making it a smart choice for environment-savvy self-starters.

Get Paid to Make a Positive Impact as a Solar Powur Consultant

You can easily start your own solar sales business working with Powur. Imagine getting paid to make a positive impact and being supported by a great platform and team while having a flexible schedule and residual income! Here is a summary of the benefits of joining Powur:

  • Virtual Platform: Our solar sales platform focuses on allowing you to work virtually.

  • Low system cost: Solar panel sales are easy to sell with a low system cost. The base Cost of Goods is as low as $1.45 pW. While other solar companies “red line” typically stars at $2.50 pW on avg. Which means lower cost for the customer and more commission for you.

  • Warranty: Up to 30-year warranty.

  • Open Nationwide: Powur is in 17 states and counting!

  • Highest Commissions: Powur pays out one of the highest commissions in the solar industry!

  • Bonuses: Powur pays out bonuses for bringing on other solar power sales reps! Powur is the first solar sales business to offer passive income for sales professionals sponsored by your group.

  • Caring Team: We believe the individual is the most valuable person in solar and deserves the greatest benefit.

  • Training: Solar powur sales representatives get mentoring with 50/50 commission split for your first three projects to help you get started the right way learning from an experienced solar pro.

  • Stock Options: Powur’s solar sales consultants become shareholders.

If becoming a solar energy or solar panel consultant, benefitting the environment, and earning healthy compensation on your own terms, sounds good to you, let’s talk!

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